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Pastoral Care - The House System

Every pupil in the Senior Section is a member of one of our three senior Houses, named after the Llandaff saints: Dyfrig, Euddogwy and Teilo. The pupils are cared for by one of five House Tutors, who in turn are overseen by a Housemaster/mistress. Housemasters, assisted by their tutor teams, are responsible for pupils' pastoral care, oversight of their academic progress and personal development. Pupils exercise their leadership skills within the House context, growing in confidence and ability to relate to others, and to lead and manage people and events.

The work of the Housemasters is complemented and supported by the Chaplain, School Counsellor and the Child Protection Officer. So however great or small a problem is, our pupils have a variety of teachers they can approach and problems can be dealt with at the appropriate level. Whatever an individual is doing academically or in the co-curricular domain, their progress is being monitored effectively.