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Academic Standards & Results

Academic standards in the Junior Section are high. 

Over the last five years, results have shown that the school has continually gained extremely high marks in National Curriculum tests.  Whilst a Level 4 is commonly perceived as the national average in attainment at the end of KS2 (Year 6 in the Juniors), over 80% of our pupils gain a Level 5 in the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science (as opposed to 33% in the state sector).

As a result, and because 'levelling' has now been discontinued, it was decided that our pupils would sit a gold flag 11+ examination at the end of KS2, similar to other IAPS schools in England.  We believe these examinations will raise academic standards further.  Schemes of work have been adapted with this in mind, the new national curriculum requirements in England and the ISEB syllabus.  Children will be prepared for this challenge that lies ahead in each year group in the Juniors. 

However, we firmly believe that ALL subjects should offer diversity and challenges and with this in mind, the Humanity subjects, together with other areas of the curriculum taught, many by subject specialists, offer breadth, balance and relevance.  Level of attainment in Reading and Spelling are extremely high, in the case of the former, 96% of pupils are above their chronological age.