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A Fantastic Fiesta!

28 February 2020
A Fantastic Fiesta!

Our event was full of enjoyment and fun, with live music and delicious food. Both adults and children enjoyed our event thoroughly. It was run by the Year 6 Leadership Club, who all learned something new about themselves. For example, some learnt that they were great with the microphone, others found that they had natural cooking skills, and some were able to take orders on tables with confidence. We also had raffle prizes, which were a great success as we raised lots of money from them. Many prizes were on offer, some for adults and some for children, our personal favorite was the giant watermelon which everyone had their eye on. A chilli pinata was center stage. After many hits it would not break, even though people were giving it their hardest hit. Finally, it did break, one strong individual managed to destroy the unbreakable pinata, letting the sweets pour out. All the children scrambled to the sweets like a swarm of bees, in a couple of seconds the sweets were gone. Our event was for a brilliant cause, raising money for the charities Save the Children and Cancer Trust. Leadership Club hope that we have raised a big amount of money to help our chosen charities. We give a huge thanks to Chartwells for providing our ingredients with no cost, Leon and Jane for supporting our Mini Chefs, who cooked the food, Mrs Walsh for helping us organise the event and to Mrs Holmes for helping the Leardership Club decorate. Amy H, Liam R, George H, Bill R and Avarni A

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