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CSL Remote Learning Programme

During this time of uncertainty, the Cathedral School is embracing the new need for distance learning using both new and previously established online resources. Our extensive remote learning programme has been in place since 23rd March, covering all aspects of our broad academic and co-curricular curriculum.

The Cathedral School Voices

What our pupils say...

Parents send their children to The Cathedral School in order to give them the life chances that are born of confidence

I think that the remote learning is going very well. We have the right balance of time relaxing and doing schoolwork. I think the teachers have put out both fun and challenging tasks and are always online for you to ask any questions. They are doing brilliantly in these hard times.”

Year 5 Pupil

I just want to thank you for all the effort you have made to make remote learning feel like a normal school day, and all the hours of marking and reading. A positive is that reading is good for you.

Year 6 Pupil

I would like to say well done to all of the teachers for how well they are handling this.

Year 8 Pupil

I am really loving remote learning. All the teachers have been extremely helpful. Thank you!

Year 7 Pupil

I have been supported extremely well during home learning academically and emotionally and teachers are more than happy to help. Communication between pupils and teachers is very effective on Microsoft teams! Also, online lessons are very effective and useful.

Year 12 Student


What our pupils say...

Parents send their children to The Cathedral School in order to give them the life chances that are born of confidence

The school has done an amazing job and we feel very lucky our daughter attends such a caring and proactive school.

Reception Parent

The prepared lessons from Year 6 have been excellent and our child has enjoyed seeing their teachers on the powerpoints. The communication has been very clear and the tasks well thought out and well executed meaning that more time is spent on the task rather than managing the technology. Getting work and getting feedback has been really motivating and really helpful. I really appreciate the time and effort which has gone into crafting the lessons and learning outcomes.

Year 6 Parent

We are very pleased by the organisation and suitability of the tasks set, and also by the Tutor Time which is proving so important to our son. We appreciate the great effort from all staff involved in this steep learning curve.

Year 7 Parent

Our son has received feedback on all his work and seems to understand everything that is required. The pastoral chats have been a big hit with him and make him feel more connected to his teachers and friends.

Year 8 Parent

I think the amount of work and the speed of feedback has been brilliant. Couldn't ask for anymore in these difficult times - thank you to Mrs Sherwood and all the staff. 

Year 11 Parent

The online teaching has been really excellent. My son is in Year 12 and has had a lot of contact with his usual teachers, so the bond and rapport that has been built up has not been broken and the teaching has not been compromised at all. They know my son, he knows them and they are the best teachers for the respective areas in their fields.

Cathedral School Parent

School Life

Throughout this difficult period of lockdown, our aim has been to provide continuity of learning and high-quality pastoral care for every pupil. In effect, we have been running two schools, firstly on campus, for between 40 and 80 children of key workers aged 3 to 14, as well as older pupils who have needed the additional support of being in school. In addition, our teaching and learning for all our pupils has never stopped, just moved online. We believe that learning and well-being go hand in hand, and this should not be compromised, regardless of the circumstances. Furthermore, our focus on active citizenship and community has been strengthened as we have worked together to support our different communities, both within and outside the school.

The first thing we did was to rewrite the timetable for the entire school (803 pupils), so that it was in place for 23rd March. We recognised that remote learning would need to be structured differently to make it effective. Families would need to share access to laptops or tablets, pupils would have to develop independence and personal motivation rather than relying on their classmates and so the timetable would need to be flexible. We also did not want to lose everything that makes our school special – assemblies, cathedral services, sports practices, musical opportunities, and so all these had to be built in as well.

We began from the principle that pupils should be able to hear their teacher’s voice or see their face. We also wanted to be able to keep track of pupil learning, identify progress and have mechanisms in place to support children who were struggling. Therefore, each child is registered by their teacher, whether they are on-site or offsite, and the usual weekly staff meetings have continued to take place, where we raise concerns about pupils and work out strategies to support them. Additional opportunities have been put in place for pupils to raise any well-being concerns via our ‘Worry Berry’.

Virtual Learning

Over 250 lessons are taught online each week via Microsoft Teams to ensure our high standards of safeguarding are upheld and every live interaction between pupils and teachers are recorded.

Some examples of our video lessons can be found by clicking on the links below.

Year 5

Year 6

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6


Year 2


To support pupils who may have difficulties with accessing computers at the times they need them, the lessons are recorded and stored on our school network. To help the pupils maintain a consistent study programme, the lessons for each day are made accessible at the beginning of each day and they work through the tasks at their own pace - enjoying the opportunity to “fast forward” or “pause” their teachers! Their teachers are available throughout the day so they can ask questions or have small group or one to one chats about their work. They can also work together with other pupils, asking questions and supporting each other if they get stuck. Live lessons take place at set periods throughout the week, pastoral tutor time has continued with face to face meetings and our learning support team have continued to work with individuals, just as we did before access to our site was restricted.

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All round education is at the heart of everything that we do and this has continued during remote learning. Almost three quarters of our peripatetic music lessons are continuing to take place virtually, with preparations underway for individual and ensemble concerts before the end of term. The Sports department have challenged us with weekly workouts, set up a school virtual running club which has seen more than 200 pupils, parents and staff raise money for 2 Wish Upon a Star and ran our Virtual Sports Day for Years 3-13.

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Our pupils continue to support their local communities, from chairing the Children’s Commissioner for Wales Youth Advisory Panel throughout the Coronavirus and Me survey, writing letters to Cartref Care Home as part of our intergenerational project, developing a bilingual chatbot to help those with concerns regarding COVID-19 and setting up a pupil mentor scheme for our younger pupils.

Of course, the School is not the same without everyone being there and we are very much looking forward to welcoming our pupils back over the next few weeks and sharing all that we have learned.