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Charity Success

30 June 2017
Charity Success

A huge thank you to the Infants and Juniors for supporting this week's Charity Day.

Raising money for 'Guide Dogs Cymru' and 'Making Music, Changing Lives', the Juniors undertook a 'Shoot the Hoop' competition, blindfolded. Attempting to complete as many successful shots as possible in 30 minutes, with each form aiming for a target of 100, it was an incredibly difficult challenge that pupils, and staff, thoroughly enjoyed. Mr Cummins' form led by example scoring 58 points, with the Juniors as a whole just tipping over the 300 mark.

The Juniors then journeyed to the Bishop's Field where Sam C, from the Senior Section, flew his drone high above to assist them in their second challenge to spell out the names and logos of the chosen charities.

The Infants competed in a blindfolded obstacle course which also proved a great challenge and brought out some fantastic skills in the children, who worked together brilliantly to help each other through it.

All of the activities helped the children to appreciate the gift of sight, and what a difficult and valuable job a guide or guide dog needs to do.


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