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Election Fever

09 June 2017
Election Fever

Thursday saw the culmination of our Junior Election Campaign with all Junior pupils being given their say by voting for the political party they wanted to run our school for the next term.

When the votes had been counted and verified Harry H, as leader of Labour, along with Lilyan S and Ruchi W, as co-leaders of the Liberal Democrats, shared second place with 21% of the total votes each.

Archie C, as leader of the Conservative Party, was victorious with 30% of the Junior votes – results that were close to mirroring the national outcome.

Unfortunately for Mrs Sherwood, Archie was swift in making his first decision and ousted her from her office, before realising that he needed her to form a coalition within the School. 

Many thanks to all of the pupils involved for their efforts on the campaign trail and to Mr Harper for his hard work in organising this hugely successful event.

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