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Extension Opportunities

Extended Project Qualification

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is offered as an extension opportunity for students to undertake an in-depth study in a specialised topic of their choice. EPQ develops independent learning, research and essay-writing – all valuable skills for university.

This year's topics ranged from Should the law reflect religious obligation or human morality?, AI in medicine and Feminism in children's literature to Concussion in sport and Are planes more sustainable than boats?

"The EPQ gave me the opportunity to explore a complex subject in depth and was one of the most interesting aspects of my A Level studies. 

"My EPQ focused on the role of Gross Domestic Product as a benchmark of economic success and social well-being. It proved a useful exercise: the topic has featured in university exams and was a key talking point in my interview for a year-long industrial placement at Oxford Economics. This is an agency that specialises in global economic forecasting and examines some of today’s most pressing business, financial and policy issues. 

"Although challenging at the time, for me the EPQ was a launchpad to learning. It taught me skills that have proved vital in university - and hopefully in my future career." Old Llandavian, Tom Jenkins (2012-2019)

Academic Journal

The Academic Journal is an opportunity for Year 12 students to submit an academic paper on a subject of their choice. Reviewed by the Deputy Head of School, the submissions also provide a key element of the students' personal statements. The 2021 Journal includes pieces on What does gender inequality cost us all? Why is fast fashion not sustainable? Are social networks a force for good or evil? and From an evolutionary perspective, why do we die?

Click here to read some of the Academic Journal 2021 submissions.