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Prayer Space returns to the Chapel

13 November 2015
Prayer Space returns to the Chapel

‘Prayer Space’ has taken place for the third time in the Chapel. 418 pupils from Year 9 down to Year 2 and 20 sixth form students visited the Space over three days to enjoy some interactive activities designed to create space to pray or reflect on their own terms.

Each of the eight multi-sensory activities enabled pupils to be thankful, be empathetic, be still, be forgiving, be sorry, be individual and be community.

Pupils were surveyed on their ‘best word to describe how they were feeling’ on entering and again on exiting the Prayer Space. The results showed that pupils were twice as likely to be peaceful and a third more likely to be happy after having spent time in the Prayer Space. Incidences of ‘being tired’ fell by half after time in the Prayer Space. Perhaps the biggest indicator of the impact on well-being for pupils was the fact that both Senior and Junior pupils were queuing to spend more time in the Prayer Space during their own lunch and break times.

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