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At the Cathedral School, we strive, day in and day out, to provide the scaffolding for achievement in any and all fields. We recognise that all young people have a unique set of skills and enable all pupils to fulfil their potential. It is possible for excellence to become a habit and this starts from day one.

Opportunities abound for all pupils and students to achieve at the Cathedral School. Whether it is studying in the classroom, competing on the sports field, playing a musical instrument, performing in the inspiring drama productions, singing in Llandaff Cathedral or taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

Our inspirational teaching staff instil in pupils a strong work ethic and encourage them to approach every day expecting to be surprised and excited at the new things they will learn. Our aim is to prepare students for life by helping them to develop an intellectual appetite and become well-rounded individuals.

Academically, the School has equipped my child with a strong learning ethos and a first-class work ethic which saw him achieve excellent GCSE results and he is now on course to reach a top university." A CSL parent

Excellent standards of work depend on establishing the best habits early on. Examination results at both Junior and Senior levels, are consistently impressive by both regional and national standards. The Cathedral School is regularly one of the top achieving schools in Wales for examinations and it appears high on UK-wide rankings. However, sometimes the least noticed achievements may be the most significant. What matters in the classroom is everyone working hard in ways they can be proud of.

The beauty of the Cathedral School is that both of my children are given the space and opportunity to thrive. They are encouraged to be curious and proactive and most importantly, they are helped to develop self-esteem and self-confidence. You just can’t put a price on that”. A CSL parent

At all stages, academic achievement is supported by a strong Additional Learning Needs team and parents are kept informed of progress through half termly reports. Prep is set at all levels and carefully monitored, so pupils and students develop good habits of self-directed study.

Here, at the Cathedral School, doing our best stretches outside of the classroom. True, we are a school where high academic achievement is expected, and it is well-known that we keep company with the best in Wales and in the UK as a whole, but we never forget that for our pupils and students, it is possible for excellence to become a habit.

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