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"I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious."
Albert Einstein

Recognising that all young people have a unique set of skills and enabling all pupils to fulfil their potential.

Opportunities abound for all pupils and students to achieve at the Cathedral School. Whether it is studying in the classroom, competing on the sports field, playing a musical instrument, performing in the inspiring drama productions, singing in Llandaff Cathedral or taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme.

At all stages, academic achievement is supported by a strong Learning Support team and parents are kept informed of progress through six weekly reports. Prep is set at all levels and carefully monitored, so pupils and students develop good habits of self-directed study. Examination results, at both Junior and Senior levels, are consistently impressive by both regional and national standards. The school is regularly one of the top achieving schools in Wales for examinations and it appears high on UK-wide rankings. However, sometimes the least noticed achievements may be the most significant. What matters in the classroom is everyone working hard in ways they can be proud of.

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Sport is important as a key to health and fitness, a means of learning team work and fair play, and a route to developing pupils' and students’ confidence and self-esteem. We take great pride in the performance of our pupils in the sporting arena, where we learn how to play, how to win and, just as valuable a lesson, how to lose graciously. Learn more

Music here is outstanding; boy and girl choristers lead choral worship in Llandaff Cathedral; two thirds of pupils overall learn an instrument, whilst over 70% of Junior pupils have instrumental lessons. All conventional orchestral instruments are taught, with over 200 pupils learning the piano. Enriching our instrumental and vocal tuition, we have over 30 different instrumental and choral ensembles rehearsing weekly, culminating with our Senior Chamber Choir of 90 voices. Learn more

In Drama pupils develop confidence and creativity. Regular performances drawn from different genres develop pupils' and students’ skills in performance as well as their understanding of literature and technical theatre skills. Learn more

Art is explored to a very high standard and through a variety of media, supported by regular visits and projects with artists in residence. Pupils produce art both for enjoyment and for exhibition, learning to see the world through different eyes and with the patience needed to produce work of technical quality. Learn more