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"Victory belongs to the most persevering."
Napoleon Bonaparte 

Aiming high in all aspects of school life, with no one left behind.

Ambition, the appetite for doing things as well as they can possibly be done, is caught not taught. We learn ambition from working alongside ambitious teachers and pupils. An ambitious school has high expectations, high standards and high demands: in the classroom, the laboratory, the rehearsal room, the workshop and studio, and on the sports field. But ambition, properly understood, is not exclusive or threatening. It nurtures the weak and challenges the strong.

The school is small enough to ensure everyone is known and cared for, yet large enough to offer a real breadth of opportunity and challenge. Whilst we recognise that children have different talents and abilities, nevertheless we expect that each pupil will work hard and make significant and tangible progress. Mediocrity, settling for second best, or allowing a pupil to slip through the net are avoided through creating a purposeful environment where teachers and pupils expect the best of one another.