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At the Cathedral School, we foster a climate of care for one other, focusing on kindness, thoughtfulness and respect. We learn to listen to and understand the beliefs and values of one another. We help every child to understand that they hold their own destiny in their hands, to understand the value of hard work and to learn to love their neighbour. All of us are equally important members of the school community, valuable, distinct and unique.

We all thrive in an atmosphere of encouragement and affirmation and the School is proud of its caring, family feel. To learn to care about other people is one of life's most important lessons and enables our pupils to become the friend, colleague, spouse and parent of tomorrow, to be a good citizen in a strong and thriving society. Our pastoral structure (Primary, Senior) supports the development of kindness and celebrates inclusion, acceptance and diversity, teaching pupils to empathise with others within and beyond the school community.

“The School’s care support and guidance arrangements help pupils to develop self-confidence, acquire a broad range of important life skills and to become well-informed and active citizens.” Estyn, 2018

As a school community, we care about each other as the unique people we are; our pupils are respected as people. Our task is to help pupils develop their talents, gifts and individuality. As a school we take every opportunity to foster an attitude of thankfulness, of gratitude for the gift of life and its many blessings, for the beauty of the world and the love which surrounds us. We believe we should engage with those in need - both within and beyond our own community - developing an active social and moral conscience, nurturing the vocation each of us has to serve one another: in community service, social action, charitable work, and active and meaningful partnerships with those in situations very different to our own.

The Cathedral School is fortunate to be a member of the Woodard Corporation, a nationwide family of 40 schools educating 30,000 pupils. Pupils of all denominations and faiths are warmly welcomed here, as well as those of no faith; yet the school has a clear, inclusive Christian identity, cherishing the virtues of faith, hope and love in all aspects of its life, work and worship. Our foundation reflects that of Nathaniel Woodard who first set up his family of schools in the nineteenth century. All young people are given the opportunity to flourish and become world class learners within nurturing and supportive communities that place pastoral care at the heart.

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