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Percussion has grown in recent years to become a notable musical specialism of the Cathedral School. Our two professional teachers provide both orchestral and standard drum-kit tuition.

The Junior and Senior Percussion Ensembles perform regularly in school concerts and play very challenging music to an extremely high standard, working with great skill and enthusiasm. The School possesses a comprehensive range of professional quality percussion instruments, including a xylophone, two marimbas, vibraphone, timpani and several drum kits.

Senior Percussion Ensemble (Tuesday 12:30-13:00)

A mixed percussion ensemble of up to 10 players

Seniors, Grades 3-8 – by invitation

Advanced Percussion Ensemble (13:00-13:35)

Junior Percussion Ensemble (Tuesday 08:30- 09:00)

A mixed percussion ensemble of up to 8 players

Juniors, Grades 1-4 – by invitation