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Senior Flute Choir (Wednesday 13:15-13:45)

Senior flautists of Grades 3-8

Opportunities exist to play the piccolo, alto and bass flutes. Sometimes accompanied by harp in performance.

Senior Chamber Ensemble (Tuesday 12:40-13:10)

Grades 5-8, by invitation – an extension opportunity for more advanced woodwind players.

The formation of this groups varies according to the changing needs of pupils. Presently, we run a Wind Quintet [Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn, Bassoon]

Early Music Consort (Wednesday 13:15-13:45)

Recorders, Grades 4-8, selected players – by invitation Opportunities sometimes available for baroque singers or continuo players.

Junior Flute Choir (Wednesday 08:30-09:00)

Junior flautists of Grades 1-3

An ideal enrichment opportunity for our younger players.

Recorderama (Monday 13:15-13:45)

Junior recorders of Grade 2+

Descanti (Wednesday 08:15-08:35)

Descant recorders of Grades 0-2